What's Inspected During A Home Inspection

ASHI Standards of Practice. 

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From the ASHI Standards of Practice:

Home inspections were being performed in the mid 1950s, and by

the early 1970s were considered by many consumers to be essential

to the real estate transaction. The escalating demand was due to a

growing desire by homebuyers to learn about the condition of a

house prior to purchase. Meeting the expectations of consumers

required a unique discipline, distinct from construction, engineering,

architecture, or municipal building inspection. As such, home

inspection requires its own set of professional guidelines and

qualifications. The American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI)

formed in 1976 and established the ASHI Standards of Practice

and Code of Ethics to help buyers and sellers make real estate

transaction decisions based on accurate, objective information.

American Society of Home Inspectors

As the oldest, largest and highest profile organization of home

inspectors in North America, ASHI takes pride in its position of

leadership. Its Membership works to build public awareness of

home inspection and to enhance the technical and ethical

performance of home inspectors.

Standards of Practice

The ASHI Standards of Practice guide home inspectors in the

performance of their inspections. Subject to regular review, the

Standards of Practice reflect information gained through surveys

of conditions in the field and of the consumers’ interests and

concerns. Vigilance has elevated ASHI’s Standards of Practice so

that today they are the most widely-accepted home inspection

guidelines in use and are recognized by many government and

professional groups as the definitive standard for professional


Code of Ethics

ASHI’s Code of Ethics stresses the home inspector’s responsibility

to report the results of the inspection in a strictly fair, impartial,

and professional manner, avoiding conflicts of interest.

ASHI Membership

Selecting the right home inspector can be as important as finding

the right home. ASHI Members have performed no fewer than 250

fee-paid inspections in accordance with the ASHI Standards of

Practice. They have passed written examinations testing their

knowledge of residential construction, defect recognition, inspection

techniques, and report-writing, as well as ASHI’s Standards of

Practice and Code of Ethics. Membership in the American Society

of Home Inspectors is well-earned and maintained only through

meeting requirements for continuing education.

Find local ASHI Members by calling 1-800-743-2744 or visiting the

ASHI Web site at www.ashi.org.



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