Sample Report

Here is a Sample Report of the report that you will receive by email the same day of your home inspection. You can request printing the report on site without photos or a CD made a at the time of the inspection.  Printing on site requires additional time on site.

The report is generated on a laptop using Palm-Tech inspection software.

The report list items that are:

Inspected/Satisfactory. Functional with no obvious signs of defect. 

Not Inspected.   A note is provided as to why is was not inspected.

Improve/Marginal. Item is not fully functional and requires repair or servicing. 

Defective/Repair. Item needs immediate repair or replacement. It is unable to perform its intended function.

 Recommended upgrade. Item is existing beyond its design life and should be considered for replacement or working as intended but obsolete, upgrade to current standards recommended.


There is a summary at the end of the that list the items that were:

Not inspected



Recommended upgrade.


You will also receive a separate report with labeled or captioned photo's of the inspection. Number of photos typically run between 40 and 100 +/-. 

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