Realtor Information

Agent information:

Our inspections are scheduled using the Inspection Support Network (ISN) software which sends a confirmation email or text to the client, listing agent (if known) and buyers agent.  The clients copy include an advance copy of the contract and total cost of the inspection. A reminder email is sent to all the day before the inspection and 3 days after sends a thank you note with Invoice of payment made.

The client or agent can view our online calendar and schedule and inspection from our website or the Ask Rick Facebook page

We provide by email a computer generated report with photos on the same day as the Inspection.  The report has a summary at the end that list all issues in one area.

For your benefit we have E&O insurance that covers agent referrals and general liability that would cover accidents at the inspection site.

We have two inspectors and can normally accommodate a short notice inspection.

We are members of the WMLAR and have Supra eKeys.

Additional services that can be provided:

Training:  We will provide training  to your agents and have classes available on different subjects that last from 15 mins to 1 hour.  Call me for details.

We will participate in presentations to new home buyers classes as needed to help your business grow.

Radon measurement.  We use Sun Nuclear machines that take a sample every hour for 48 hours.  This is a separate report and with photos can be used to fill a requirement on state applications for Day-Care facilities.

Mold sampling. We do three  types of mold sampling, particulate, air cell and off gassing.  Call me for details.

IAQ. Indoor air quality.  Composite home air quality assessment. Checks for hazardous air pollutants.  Formaldehyde testing as well as other Volatile Organic Compounds ( irriatants and allergants)

Asbestos sampling.  We will send samples to a lab for you to determine presence of Asbestos.  Example would be Vermiculite insulation in the attic (Not all Vermiculite contains asbestos) or drywall finish commonly known as popcorn.

And we will make arrangements for a local pest inspection if needed.

Inspections of large dwellings.  We will bring (no additional charges) a second inspector to save time on the inspection. 

We run the lawn watering systems at no  additional charge.

Upcoming in the near future are additional inspections (separate fee paid)  Pool and Spa and Home Energy Scoring.

Client information:

All your clients receive a 90 day warranty (attached), and a Recall chek!  (attached flyer) of your appliances through Residential Warranty Services at no additional charge. More information at this link:
ASHI is affiliated with (flyer attached) and  your client will be sent a offer to receive moving information and coupons at no charge. More information at this link 

If requested we will register your client for a free one year subscription to the Home Owners Network (HON) which will provide expert technical assistance on home repairs though a smart phone app and photographs. Again at no charge to your client. If you would like to be registered at Home Owners Network for a free 6 month trial, contact me.  More information at this link

Taking advantage of these four programs can cover the cost of the inspection!

I have attached copies the ASHI Standard, Definitions used in the report, 90 day warranty information and Mover Thank you rewards program.

We would appreciate the opportunity to be a part of your purchasing team.

If you have any questions please feel free to visit our website at , send us an E-mail or call us at 616-875-3025.

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