Radon Testing by Ask Rick Inspeciton services

Rick is certified by the National Radon Proficiency Program as a Residential Measurement Provider: Standard and Analytical Services.   ID # 107156 RT currently certified through 2015. http://www.nrpp.info/providers/107156.html

If you elect to have a Radon Test along with your home inspection we will place a Radon testing machine in the home that you are buying.  The Radon test will take 48 hours under closed house conditions.  We will try to set the machine in advance  so that the results will be available at your inspection.  

You will receive a separate report that list all the information about the Radon test and weather or not any additional actions are required such as installation of  a mitigation system. 

If you want just a Radon Test without the home inspection we can do this also.  

We can provide Radon Testing of Child Day Care centers with a report and photo's accepted by Ottawa County and will meet the needs of Muskegon, Kent  or other counties.


To obtain information about Radon visit these sites:

Michigan Department of Environmental Quality


EPA publication: Home Buyer's and Seller's guide to Radon ( used in real estate transactions)


EPA publication: A Citizen's Guide to Radon



Closed House Conditions:

For short-term tests (those lasting from 2 to 90 days), it is important that you also follow the requirement for "closed-house conditions." This means keeping:

  • All exterior doors and windows closed, except for normal entry and exit.
  • Attic fans off.
  • Kitchen & bathroom fans off.


Test in the lowest livable level of the home, a basement if you have one. Choose a room where you could or do spend time, such as a bedroom, living room, family room, den, or rec room. Avoid testing in kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, closets, or utility rooms. 

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