Mold testing

We do three types of mold testing:

1. Spore or particulate count and  squab or tape sampling.

2. Air cell testing.

3. Off gas testing under Indoor Air Quality (IAQ).

First type of sampling: Spore testing is most common and can be used for before and after remediation.  Before remediation when you can see mold and you want to know the health effects of the type growing in your home.. 

Second type of sampling: When you can't see mold but your having respiratory or asthmatic issues, sickly with no explanation then we can try the second method to check for mold spores in the air. 

Third type:  Off gassing, when you cannot see mold, spore count is low, then we can check for mold growing behind the walls or other areas that are not visible for the gas that is produced when mold grows.


We are an independent third party testing service that is used by remediation companies to confirm they have completed the remediation.

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